The Top Four Ways Tricom’s Portfolio Management Team Works for You

Meet Tricom’s Portfolio Management Team (PMT). Led by Amanda Jadro, the team includes Judy Gordon, Euladia Perez, Lauren Donahue and Tyler Mavis. The goal of the Portfolio Management team is to closely monitor Tricom clients’ receivables and payments, as well as their available credit. When the Portfolio Management team is able to shorten the receivables timeframe, payments come in more quickly, speeding up the entire payment process. This means you get to realize income to your bottom line more quickly. But this isn’t the only way the Portfolio Management Team watches out for your business.  
  1. The Portfolio Management Team can call directly to our clients’ customers as an extension of your office. They won’t mention Tricom’s name, but will say they are calling on your behalf. Their goal is to build a rapport with each customer, and understand their unique approval and payment processes. Using a light touch approach the Portfolio Analyst will only call or email customers as needed when something unexpected occurs, such as a skipped invoice, unexpected payment pattern or missed payment.  Contact with customers are always made in the same high level of professionalism and courteous manner in which your customers have become accustomed to. This is especially helpful for clients who prefer not to have their sales people also oversee portfolio management. It can be hard on the sales relationship to have the same person who asks for a customer’s business also follow up on delayed payments. 
  2. Clients may choose to have the PMT not call customers directly but alert them to unusual behavior that may mean something is amiss. Clients can then follow up with their customers in their own way. The Portfolio Management Team forwards this information weekly by either email or by phone call (whichever method the client prefers). Some clients may even choose to have Tricom follow up with some of their customers but not others. It all depends on the customer relationship, and you decide what makes you the most comfortable. 
  3. The Portfolio Management Team monitors client credit limits on a daily basis based on each individual client’s entire portfolio. They watch for growth trends and initiate a review process to ensure you have the credit you need for future growth. Clients are generally focused on sales, and we understand that. Part of our job is to make it easier for you to keep that focus. So we carefully monitor your credit and proactively initiate the process to increase credit limits as needed, so you can continue to pursue new sales opportunities without worrying about having funding in place (it will be!). 
  4. We can help you screen new customers. The Portfolio Management Team can conduct credit checks on new business or new customers to help you determine if they will be a good fit for your staffing company. They look at factors such as how long they’ve been in business, how quickly they pay their invoices and more to give you a fuller picture as you decide on whether or not to do business with them. 
For more information about our PMT services or to explore ways you might be able to use their services if you aren’t already, contact Amanda Jadro at or at 800-348-4815.