They're just knowledgeable about the staffing industry as a whole, so they provide not just payrolling services, but they also provide a variety of resources to their customers.
- Tom Erb, President, Tallan Resources & Former President of OSSA


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Press Room

In July, we talked about how a new, convenient way to deposit checks has been making things more complicated for staffing companies who issue payroll checks. With mobile check deposits, it raises the possibility of a check being deposited twice: once through a bank’s mobile deposit app and once through a check cashing store.

The question becomes who is left to make good on these multiple transactions if the parties are unable to recover directly from the employee?

Every October, the staffing industry gets together at one of the biggest conferences of the year: ASA Staffing World. This year’s event will be held in Nashville, and we are particularly excited to be attending. We think you should be, too.

Staffing World offers a great chance to recharge your batteries while learning about new trends, new providers to the industry, legislative changes that could impact your business, and more. And, (of course!) it’s a chance to have a little fun.

1.    Legislative updates that could impact your business.

It’s meant to be a convenience for banking customers: simply use your smartphone and your bank’s mobile banking app, take a picture of the check you wish to deposit, and deposit a check from anywhere, skipping the trip to the bank or check cashing place. But what actually happens to the check after the mobile deposit has been made?

Mobile check deposits are increasing in popularity, and with their increased usage also comes new risks and avenues for fraud.


Legislative Updates

"Delaware’s protracted, high-profile fight over workers’ compensation – recently likened to a high-stakes poker game – has been resolved, Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart announced Friday.

Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon announced Friday that workers' compensation insurance rates will decrease by 5.1 percent in the state, effective May 1, 2014.

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