Payroll Processing


I feel my payroll person at Tricom watches my business as if it were her own, She audits and checks the payroll once it goes in every week, and will email me back to say, "just a quick question this, " or "is this correct, is this pay rate correct? Did someone put through an increase? Just wanted to run it by you." Very, very exact in catches.
- Marianne Trotter, President & CEO, Accessible Medical Staffing


Making Pay Day the Best Day of the Week


We understand that you don’t always have the time or the resources to keep up with the payroll processing for your staffing company.
That’s why we offer staffing payroll solutions to fit the needs of any staffing firm – large or small. With TRICOM’s payroll processing for staffing firms, you can offer your employees standard paychecks, direct deposit, e-paystubs, or even time and money-saving paycards.
Our team watches your payroll closely to ensure that every penny is accounted for and every payroll goes out on time.
Our tax experts also closely watch the tax codes in each state to ensure the withholdings on your employees’ checks are correct, so you’re not faced with an unexpected — and very unwelcome — tax bill at the end of the year.