I think Tricom is very much a forward-thinking company. They're ahead of the curve.
- Joe Eori, President & CEO, Search Staffing Group


Making Your Life Easier Through Innovation

Tricom's commitment to the highest-quality customer service is perhaps best demonstrated by our dedication to giving you around-the-clock access to the information you need to keep your staffing agency business moving forward. We know it's more than a convenience to be able to retrieve essential reports precisely when you need them‚ it's a necessity.
With Tricom's innovative web features, you have the ability to:
  1. Run, view and print key reports
  2. Perform employee, customer and job maintenance
  3. Access real-time payroll processing and billing histories for employees and customers
  4. Access real-time aging reports, cash receipt reports and application adjustment reports
  5. View open invoices and payments online
  6. Auto-load invoices (for payroll funding-only clients)
  7. Become virtually paperless, as most reports can be sent to web users directly
We are also able to customize your invoices to include whatever information you need, as well as include your company logo on the invoice to reinforce your brand. 
You can also offer your employees direct deposit and paycard options. Direct deposit and paycards can lead to increase employee satisfaction, while reducing your risk (and headaches!) due to lost or stolen checks. Click here to read more.
Through the use of innovative and user-friendly technology, Tricom has succeeded in providing each customer with the latest in web-accessible features.