Our Top 10 Staffing Industry Resources on Tricom.com

Our Top 10 Staffing Industry Resources on Tricom.com

When it comes to getting valuable, relevant and timely information on the staffing industry, there are a host of good resources you can use. In fact, that's part of the challenge — knowing where to go to get the most information about the myriad of industry topics that can impact your business. 
Look no further than Tricom.com. We've assembled a virtual one-stop resource for all things staffing-related. From the latest industry news to legislative updates to helpful webinars and tax information broken down by state, we have a host of up-to-date information, all of which is specific to the staffing industry. 


Our Top 10 Staffing Industry Resources on Tricom.com

  1. Press & News 

    Visit our Press & News page to find articles and press releases on relevant and timely staffing industry topics. From health care reform to strategic planning to launching an email marketing program and more, discover interesting and informative articles that directly impact your staffing business. 
  2. Legislative Updates

    When new legislation is passed, it can be hard to know which laws will impact your staffing company and how. We've created a resource for legislative updates that specifically impact staffing, so you can better understand the laws that are taking effect, how it impacts your business and what you need to do to be in compliance. 
  3. Education 

    Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to staffing means staying on top of the latest industry trends. That's why Tricom developed our Industry Insider webinar series. We invite industry experts to come in and discuss various topics that can help you better manage and grow your staffing company. You can find over two dozen past webinars located on Tricom.com, with topics ranging from social media, health care reform, sales techniques, financial statement tools, employment screenings, taxes, liability insurance and more. You can also find information about upcoming webinars and register right on line (did we mention they're all free?)
  4. Services 

    One of the more popular services Tricom Funding began offering this year is our TUTOR Training Programs. These highly popular, intensive, two and a half day training sessions have focused on sales and getting staff up to speed on the ins and outs of the staffing industry. 
  5. Preferred Partners

    We take partnerships seriously. Part of being a good resource for our clients means partnering with other organizations we feel share our same values. These values include superior service, excellent value, expert resources and in-depth industry knowledge. We've included a list of organizations who serve the staffing industry that we feel exemplify these values. From insurance to paycards, healthcare providers to background screenings and more, if you're looking for a resource for your staffing company, start your search here. 
  6. State Tax Tools

    We've organized by state helpful wage and tax facts to serve as a quick and easy reference for important information such as minimum wage laws, state and local income taxes, unemployment taxes and more. 
  7. SUTA Tracking Tools

    As State Unemployment Taxes and Rates change, so does our SUTA tracking tool. This easy reference tools helps you to quickly see by state what the current SUTA rate is for this year as well as for the past year. It is updated as states determine their new rates. 
  8. EIC Notifications

    The Earned Income Credit includes various reporting requirements per state. This quick reference will let you know what you need to do to be in compliance with the EIC Notifications, as well as links to download specific notices. 
  9. Associations

    The staffing industry is lucky to have a wide range of state and national staffing associations for companies to look to for networking, education and other resources. We've gathered a large list of associations, including links to their websites, for a quick and easy reference. 
  10. Event Calendar

    It can be hard to keep up with all the great events the staffing industry offers throughout the year. This handy listing includes both national events as well as state events throughout the U.S., including the date, location and link to more information. 
Staffing is an amazing, dynamic industry in which to work — that's one of the reasons why we love working exclusively with staffing companies Staffing company owners and managers always seem to have an eye to the future, and having easy access to the latest, relevant and timely information is crucial to helping them be successful. We'll keep adding to our resources, and in the meantime, we'd like to hear from you – what information would you like to see on our site? Email us at info@tricom.com
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