Time to Recharge! SIA Executive Forum

Time to Recharge! SIA Executive Forum

We’ve written in the past about how important it is to get involved in your state and national staffing associations. It’s your chance to have your voice heard and make an impact on pending legislation that can affect the staffing industry.


It’s also important to get involved to help rejuvenate you and your staffing business – with new ideas, new contacts and renewed energy. The SIA 2014 is an excellent place to start.   


Top 5 favorite things about the SIA Executive Forum


  1. The SIA Executive Forum is only for staffing company owners and executives. During the Executive Forum, you are surrounded by other staffing professionals who understand what keeps you up at night, what gets you excited to get to the office each day and what opportunities you see on the horizon that you’d like to make a reality. When you have a chance to join your peers in a forum such as this, you can share new ideas and gain momentum for your staffing business in ways that you hadn’t thought of before. Networking opportunities are built into the conference schedule, and it’s a great opportunity to come away with new ideas, possible new business ventures and even new friends.


  1. Keynotes are by top industry specialists. Staffing Industry Analysts is one of the top resources for research about the staffing industry. The president of SIA will share this proprietary research during the conference and highlight the most pressing issues facing the industry so you can better prepare your business to meet any future challenges (and opportunities!). Other keynote speakers will cover topics such as how to continue to be successful in the ever-changing staffing industry, and what’s next for staffing including the impacts of technology, globalization, new business models and more.


  1. Make connections with other staffing industry providers. In addition to other staffing company owners, other industry providers also attend the conference. You can quickly and easily get an overview of the services and resources available to your staffing company that you may not have been aware of. Exhibitors include funding companies (yes, Tricom will be there!), software companies, insurance agencies, financial services, background resources, paycard providers, SEO companies and more.


  1. Sessions focus on the top, pressing staffing industry issues and trends. The conference is broken into specific tracks, and each session speaker is a leader in that specific field. Tracks include: Sales & Marketing, Operations & Finance, Strategies & Opportunities and Talent Acquisition. There are also workshops that focus ways to differentiate your staffing firm from “people who know.”


  1. It’s a great chance to recharge and refocus on your staffing business. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your staffing business is to take some time away from the bustle of the office and immerse yourself in an environment where you can focus on your business goals and ways to achieve them. Conferences such as the SIA Executive Forum are a great place to do that. You have access to other professionals facing the same challenges, as well as staffing industry experts who are there to share their insights. It’s a great chance to renew your mind, energy and outlook.


For more information about the SIA 2014 Executive Forum, including registration and hotel details, please visit the SIA website at http://www.staffingindustry.com/Conferences-Webinars/Conferences.


While we feel that the SIA Executive Forum is one of the top staffing conferences of the year, we also encourage you to take advantage of conferences offered by your regional and state staffing associations as well. They also offer these same types of opportunities, and will often focus on more immediate, local staffing trends. You can find many state association events listed on our website’s event page.