Happy Holidays for the Staffing Industry

Happy Holidays for the Staffing Industry

Ready or not, the holiday season has officially begun. As holiday décor fills retailers’ shelves and talks of Black Friday sales begin to circulate, more and more businesses are looking to add staff to help with the holiday rush.

It also means an increase in opportunity for staffing companies to help meet those demands.

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, Amazon announced they are looking to hire 100,000 seasonal workers across the US in its fulfillment and sortation centers. That’s a nearly 25 percent increase from the 80,000 seasonal positions they hired last year. That number is in addition to over 25,000 full-time employees they’ve hired since August to meet customer demand and gear up for the holidays.

Amazon isn’t the only employer to add staff. Other companies — both in and outside of retail – are looking to fill thousands of positions for the holidays, as well. Is your company ready to help fill the need?

While Amazon plans to expand their holiday hiring, other companies expect their hiring plans to be similar to those of the last holiday season, including:

Walmart Stores: 60,000
UPS: 90,000 – 95,000
Macy’s: 85,000
Sport’s Authority: 3,500
Kohl’s: 69,000

Toy’s ‘R’ Us anticipates their holiday hiring to decrease slightly from last year, while Fedex is looking to increase their hiring by 10%. These positions are throughout the US, both in stores (for retailers) and distribution centers.

Overall, the National Retail Federation reported that it expects retailers to hire anywhere from 700,000 to 750,000 seasonal employees for the holidays. Last year, retailers added 714,000 new workers. In some cases, a percentage of seasonal workers stay on full-time after the holidays. Last year at Walmart, over 50 percent of their seasonal associates stayed on in a permanent role after the New Year.

This fall, Snagajob, a job portal for hourly workers, sponsored an online survey among 1,001 US adults responsible for hiring seasonal and hourly workers, with a minimum of 100 interviews in retail, restaurant and hospitality industries. The survey found that respondents are anticipating that 67 percent of their seasonal hires will be rehires from the 2014 holiday season.

65 percent of respondents said they plan to recruit their seasonal employees by posting to online job boards and company career websites. Only 31 percent reported that they plan on using a staffing agency.

Herein lies the opportunity for the staffing industry.

While hiring for the holidays has already started, for those companies (large and small) who have not yet filled all their seasonal spots, now is the time for a great staffing solution. While the traditional industries such as retail, restaurant, delivery services, hospitality normally come to mind for holiday hiring, other industries find themselves needing an extra hand this time of year, as well. Businesses are often pressed to cover for employees taking time off over the holidays or preparing for year-end activities, and temporary help around the office can fit the bill nicely.  

While the holidays are always a busy time of year, they also bring the opportunity for the staffing industry to be even busier – which is just another reason to think of the holidays as “the most wonderful time of the year.”