Better On-boarding: Creating a Competitive Advantage

Better On-boarding: Creating a Competitive Advantage


The failure to adhere to best practices in on-boarding and off-boarding temporary employees leaves staffing companies at a competitive disadvantage and open to potential liability. Join Tricom and Becker LLC for our April Industry Insider webinar series designed to help staffing companies assess and overhaul certain aspects of their on-boarding and off-boarding processes to incorporate various best practices, limit potential liability and improve efficiencies. We will also discuss at length several developments impacting best practices, including:

  • Background Checks
  • Wage and Hour Trends
  • Class Action Suits (Best Practices and Waivers)
  • Off-boarding


About Becker LLC

Becker has a unique commitment to the staffing industry. Through the “Becker Staffing Institute” and our leadership role in various staffing associations, our Staffing Attorneys keep abreast of the latest legal and business developments in the staffing industry. That dedication to understanding the staffing industry helps our attorneys remain up-to-date on the best legal and business practices within the industry, which delivers a tangible advantage to our staffing clients. We deliver our services through a cost-effective and transparent project management based model. Through this model, we provide our clients with firm pricing and time tables for the delivery of work.