Tricom Selected as 2016 ASA Care Award Winner

Tricom Selected as 2016 ASA Care Award Winner

This past September, as over 15,000 people gathered to take part in Brigg’s & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Tricom celebrated our 20th year of participation with hundreds of Tricom team members. The event capped off a year’s worth of fundraising (and fun!) activities. Tricom participated in and hosted fundraising events to raise even more money for this worthy cause, including our 3rd Annual Cheers for Children’s event in August. Throughout it all, our focus and rallying cry has always been “It’s about the kids!”

What made this year’s event even more special was learning just weeks before the walk that our efforts were being recognized in a way that we find truly humbling: Tricom was chosen to receive the 2016 Care Award by the American Staffing Association for an Outstanding Social Responsibility Program. This national awards program recognizes outstanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives — business processes that produce an overall positive effect on society —among ASA member staffing firms, associate members (staffing industry suppliers), and regional councils and affiliated chapters.

The ASA Care Awards honor CSR initiatives that involve employee training and professional development, community engagement, “green” business practices, philanthropy, and more. A panel of CSR experts selects the honorees. Tricom was honored to be selected as a 2016 winner.

At Tricom, our mission is “to be the premiere provider of meaningful, accurate, innovative and timely payroll, administrative and funding services at fees competitive with others in the marketplace who provide fewer product/services, with a commitment to exceed the customer service expectations of each of our clients. We will be a community that embraces change and is based on mutual trust and respect, committed and accountable for the success and growth of the company, with open and honest communication, supportive of healthy lives.”

The last part of our mission statement, “supportive of healthy lives,” is a phrase that each Tricom employee embraces.

That’s why we’ve chosen to support Brigg’s & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital (Al’s Run). Nearly everyone at Tricom either has had a direct association with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, or knows someone who has.

For us, it’s more than just writing a check. We have 100% employee participation in fundraising, recruiting team members, and more recently, founding our own event, Cheers For Children’s, a fun-filled family day of events, a silent auction, music, food, and more – all in support of Children’s Hospital.

Al’s Run is one of the largest charitable walks of its kind in the Midwest. Tricom’s first Al’s Run team was in 1996, with 18 participating employees. We’ve increased our participation over the years to become one of the top corporate sponsors. Last year we had 100% employee participation, meaning that everyone either walked or pledged, with over 90% of our employees present on the day of the event. Over the last 20 years, we’ve had over 10,000 team members, including 379 in 2015, when we raised $33,875. Tricom pays for the registration for every employee, plus their immediate family or significant other. We also donate $10 for every Tricom team registration and match dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000 for every pledge.

In 2014, our employees stepped up to do even more. We founded Cheers for Children’s, a fun-filled day that includes softball and volleyball tournaments, live music, a silent auction, food, and fun. We have prizes for each tournament, as well as dozens of silent auction items donated from community businesses and individuals.

Cheers for Children’s was the brainchild of Tricom employee Suzanne Murphy. “I wanted to create an event to gather family, friends, co-workers and the local community to raise additional money for this organization. Furthermore, I felt there was another way to give back without asking for straight donations and have fun at the same time. What started as a simple volleyball tournament with eight teams has now grown into a softball and volleyball tournament with over 20 teams. We have also been very thankful for the support of many amazing local businesses (over 30!) by donating over 50 raffle prizes, and even the help of a local live band.”

Tricom donates event t-shirts as well as some other, small items (signage, softballs, sound system rental, some raffle prizes, etc.). All remaining event items including auction items, venue, food, etc. is donated by community businesses and individuals who are approached by Tricom employees. Last year we raised over $5,000 for Children’s Hospital, and have raised nearly $20,000 in the three years since we began. This year, we exceeded all expectations and raised over $8,700.  

At the heart of all our efforts is our focus on the children and families that Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin serves. On the back of our team shirts we proudly wear the names of children who are bravely facing a battle. Also listed are our “Angels.” These children are no longer with us, but serve as a reminder of why our efforts are so important.

Children are at the center of our community, and we are so proud to have one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country right in our backyard. Al’s Run provides an opportunity like no other for us to come together as a community to give back.

Jeff Stewart, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation explains, “Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk for Children’s Hospital is a cherished Milwaukee tradition that attracts more than 15,000 participants annually. With the help of outstanding support from our community and sponsors, we have raised more than $18 million since the event’s inception. Tricom has been a vital part of that success. They continuously have the largest corporate team, as well as bring in thousands of dollars in fundraising each year. Tricom’s dedication to our mission speaks volumes to the community and the kids. They share our passion for making sure that kids in Wisconsin are the healthiest in the nation.”

Over the years we’ve raised over $700,000 for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. We’ve had the largest corporate team since 2000 (with the exception of just one year) beating out companies with much larger numbers of employees. We’ve also frequently been the top team fundraiser. All the money we’ve raised is done solely through employees’ efforts in getting family and friends involved, soliciting donations for the walk or Cheers for Children’s, or participating in the events themselves.

We believe that we’re not here to take, but to give back. It’s truly “About the Kids.”

At Tricom, giving back is one of our core values. It was important to us to find a cause that every employee would feel passionate about supporting. In fact, Children’s Hospital is not our only cause – we host fundraisers including potlucks, dress-down Fridays, food drives, and more, throughout the year for various causes that are important to our employees and our community.

And that’s where we feel a strong corporate social responsibility program should begin – with employees. As a team, we tackle together what’s important to them and make it a goal for us all. Together, we can do so much more than what we can each do individually. It starts with having a culture in which those causes can be freely shared and supported.