Tricom Now Offers Electronic W-2s

Tricom Now Offers Electronic W-2s

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the necessary tax statements you need to provide your employees: specifically W-2s. Instead of taking the time to distribute employee W-2s, check out the W-2 options from Tricom.

This year, in addition to Tricom either mailing all employee W-2s or preparing the W-2 statements and sending them to your office for you to distribute, Tricom will offer clients an electronic W-2 option. Web-based or paperless W-2 statements have a variety of benefits and are easy for your employees to access.

Traditionally Tricom has offered to mail all client W-2s from our office upon request. We can either mail all W-2s, including internal employees, or we will ship them all to you. A member of the Tricom Accounting team will contact you in November in regards to this and a number of other year-end items.

If you choose to have Tricom mail them directly to your employees, you will be charged for the dollar amount of the postage on your Weekly Activity Payment Report after the W-2s have been mailed.

After receiving multiple requests from clients, Tricom is pleased to offer an electronic, web-based W-2 statement option for clients who use electronic paystubs.

This paperless option has multiple benefits for both you and employees, including:

  • Increased security and confidentiality since the web-based application offers SSL (secured socket layer) encryption and advanced password management
  • Employees receive W-2s faster because they don’t have to wait for them to be mailed
  • W-2s are easily accessed from any computer with internet access
  • Email delivery options are also available (you will be charged for postage for any employees that require a mailed W-2)
  • Employees can securely retrieve past and present W-2s (past W-2s will be available after next year)
  • Eliminate the need to provide duplicate W-2s because W-2 statements are always accessible online

For more information about electronic W-2s, please contact Mary Jo Heim, Director of Accounting / CFO at 262.509.6214 or