ASA Staffing World: Top Four Reasons to Join Your Colleagues in Chicago this October

ASA Staffing World: Top Four Reasons to Join Your Colleagues in Chicago this October

Get ready Chicago! Nearly 2,000 staffing industry colleagues are getting ready to descend upon McCormick Place in the Windy City this October 24 - 26 for ASA Staffing World 2017. This is the staffing industry’s largest expo of the year – and it’s definitely worth checking out.

TRICOM is pretty excited about this year’s event: not only is it in our backyard (our headquarters are a mere hour and a half away), but this year’s agenda promises to deliver some great insights, networking opportunities, and fun!

The American Staffing Association (ASA) gathers some of the best and brightest in their fields to share their expertise in keynotes and sessions geared toward specific content areas. This year, we’re especially excited about:

1. Inspiring Keynote Speakers
This year, Staffing World presents four keynote speakers, each delivering an inspiring and unique message. Josh Linkner in an authority on fostering creativity, entrepreneurship, and disruptive innovation. He has invested in over 100 start-ups and has twice been named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He’ll look at the risks staffing companies take when they rely on the past to predict the future, as well as discuss tools for fostering innovation and creativity in your business.  

Jonathan Mildenhall is a world-renowned business executive and brand ambassador known for his award-winning “open happiness” campaign for Coca-Cola. Now with Airbnb, he’ll share his creative insights and experiences, and inspire you to think differently about your business to maximize profitability and success.

You may have heard Mark Schulman’s work and not even realize it. He has worked as a first-call drummer for world-class musicians such as P!nk, Cher, Foreigner, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Destiny’s Child, and Billy Idol. Schulman is also an educator and board chairman for Create Now!, a nonprofit organization that aims to help at-risk children through creative arts mentoring. He’ll speak about three steps or strategies essential to break-through moments for both life and business.

Mick Ebeling is an innovator and creator who aims to expand human possibilities and potential through technology. His ocular tracking device, called EyeWriter, enables individuals with paralysis to communicate and use art using the movements of their eyes, which Time Magazine called one of the “50 Best Inventions of 2010.” Ebeling will share his mindset and strategies to help you and your company tackle any challenge.

2. Insightful Sessions and Content Areas

Every staffing company has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Staffing World has created content areas and sessions to address nearly any issue your company may face, including:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Hiring Internal Talent and Leading People
  • Revenue Retention and Growth

Each content area has between seven to 12 different topics of discussion that are covered in Workshops, Thought Leader Sessions, Idea Labs, Special Owners Sessions, Immersion Programs, and more. Each session is presented, hosted, or facilitated by industry experts in their fields, all of whom share a passion for the staffing industry.

3. Networking Opportunities

Did we mention that nearly 2,000 staffing industry colleagues attend Staffing World? Its’ the largest staffing expo of the year, and the conference is designed to allow you multiple opportunities to share ideas and swap stories with fellow staffing professionals. The expo hall also has dozens of industry suppliers and partners, such as TRICOM, offering solutions to make your business run more smoothly and help you reach your business goals.

4. FUN

You can’t have thousands of staffing professionals and not have at least a little fun! While we may be a little biased, Chicago is a great city in which to kick back, relax a bit, enjoy the gorgeous fall weather, and have some fun. The Staffing World Grand Finale will feature an exclusive concert by the world-famous, Grammy award-winning band Kool & the Gang. Whether you’re looking for a “Celebration,” “Ladies Night,” or a little “Summer Madness,” get down with Kool & the Gang. Staffing professionals get a ticket to the “Koolest celebration in Chicago” with their registration.

TRICOM will also be hosting our own private event on Monday, October 23rd, so watch for more information to join us for cocktails, conversation, and fun!

For more information about ASA Staffing World 2017, including the full conference agenda, hotel and travel accommodations, registration and more, visit