Policy Considerations for Paid Time Off

Policy Considerations for Paid Time Off


One way to attract and retain talent is by offering paid time off (PTO).  However, this employee benefit presents some unique challenges for staffing businesses.  While it is not a federal requirement, many states and cities have enacted legislation that require employers to provide varying amounts of PTO time, with compliance for these regulations based upon what city and state the employee is working.  Join TRICOM and Becker LLC for our March Industry Insider webinar series as Timothy Szuhaj and Brian Curtis cover the top policy considerations for paid time off; including:

  • State Specific Regulations
  • Policy Period
  • Paid Time Off Category Types
  • Granted vs. Accrual Systems
  • Flat Allotment vs. Tiered PTO Schedule
  • Unused Paid Time Off Regulations
  • Pending Legislation

By the end of this session, you'll know how to develop paid time off policies for your staffing business.

About the presenter:

Timothy J. Szuhaj is a Member in the firm and Chair of the Business Services Group and Co-Chair of the Staffing Group.  Under the firm's Business Services model, Mr. Szuhaj counsels staffing industry clients with respect to growth strategies, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, risk management and indemnity issues, operational issues and, the structure and content of MSA, VMS and PEO agreements.

Brian E. Curtis is a recognized authority in the areas of employment law and litigation, human resources management, and contract law, and serves as Counsel to the Becker LLC. Mr. Curtis is a highly skilled, action-oriented lawyer and business consultant with extensive experience in executive-level and management employment matters, with an emphasis on the staffing, hospitality, and healthcare industries. 

About Becker LLC:

Their staffing practice is national and one of the largest in the country.  They have nine attorneys that dedicate a material portion of their practice to the staffing industry.  They counsel staffing firms on all of the major strategic and operational issues impacting their business.  In this regard, they offer advice on structuring, mergers and acquisitions, HR, regulatory compliance, on-boarding, off-boarding, compensation strategies and plans, client contracts focusing on indemnification and other key risk provisions and litigation.


As an administrative and financial solutions provider to the staffing and consulting industry, it is our philosophy to be an active member in the staffing industry by staying abreast of the ever-changing market place. For that reason, TRICOM was pleased to launch the Industry Insider webinar series designed to share our expert knowledge and resources with our fellow staffing industry colleagues. One of our core values is to build relationships and become a leading resource to staffing and consulting firms nationwide.