Preparing Your Agency for the Insurance Hard Market

Preparing Your Agency for the Insurance Hard Market


For the first time in over a decade, the liability insurance marketplace is hardening.  The change has happened rapidly and most staffing agencies have not taken the necessary steps to prepare their businesses for this sudden shift.  Agencies are facing double digit cost increases in their liability insurance premiums and dramatic and impactful reductions in liability insurance coverages.  Join us for our November Industry Insider webinar series as, staffing insurance professionals, Kurt Murray and Rachael Rodakowski from Assurance explain the reasons for the sudden change and what immediate steps you can take to protect your business.  

By the end of this session, you’ll understand the changes occurring in the liability insurance marketplace and know how to prepare your staffing agency for the insurance hard market.

About the presenters:

Kurt Murray is a Principal at Assurance who provides insurance and risk management solutions to the staffing industry. With over twenty years of experience, his primary client responsibility is to provide cost-effective solutions and develop insurance programs that are individualized to a company’s specific needs. He deems it necessary to fully understand a client and their specific needs in order to properly develop their risk management program. Through this approach, Kurt generates valuable personal relationships with his clients to secure their trust.

Rachael Rodakowski is an Account Executive at Assurance who focuses on the staffing industry. Her main responsibility is to be a client’s resource and trusted partner. She accomplishes this by staying up to date on industry trends and providing cost-effective coverage recommendations. With over 10 years of experience, Rachael educates clients on everything from workers’ compensation class codes to loss trends. Throughout her tenure at Assurance, Rachael has serviced over 40 staffing accounts and continues to play an integral role in recommending risk management controls that help reduce claims costs. 

About Assurance:

Assurance is among the largest and most awarded independent insurance brokerages in the U.S.A. “Top 50” broker, Assurance is a repeated, national “Best Places to Work” winner. Assurance creates value by minimizing risk and maximizing health for 6,000 businesses and individuals across the country. The company is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL with centralized office locations in Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO. 


As an administrative and financial solutions provider to the staffing and consulting industry, it is our philosophy to be an active member in the staffing industry by staying abreast of the ever-changing market place. For that reason, TRICOM was pleased to launch the Industry Insider webinar series designed to share our expert knowledge and resources with our fellow staffing industry colleagues. One of our core values is to build relationships and become a leading resource to staffing and consulting firms nationwide.