4 Ways Your Staffing Firm Can Use Website "Fly-ins" to Drive Inquiries and Conversions

by Mackenzie Froese, Haley Marketing

We all know the design and functionality of a website is key to the bottom line of any business in the staffing and recruiting industry. But, with an historic unemployment rate, candidates afraid to return to work, and an unemployment bonus that leaves some people less motivated to return to the job, how can you use your website to drive conversions and inquiries?

Try a Fly-In!
A website fly-in is a simple and effective tool to drive visitors to a specific location on your site. It breaks up the home page, draws attention from the eye, and funnels the right traffic exactly where you want them to go.

Look at the Numbers
According to Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Content is King. Context is God.”, the best [fly-ins] with good context have conversions rates over 40%.

Here are 4 Ways to Use Fly-ins to Drive Inquiries and Conversions:

  1. Structure It Properly – Having a fly-in isn’t the same as having a GOOD fly-in. Make sure you set it up with a button and a custom UTM link code to track exactly how many clicks the button is getting, and better understand the traffic to the page it is directing visitors to. Use eye-catching imagery and colors that will grab a website visitor’s attention, and answer their “what’s in it for me?” question.
  2. Ask a Question – Humans are naturally curious. If your fly-in poses a strong question, one which is relevant to the audience’s interests or piques their curiosity, they will be much more likely to take the step from a website visitor to a warm lead or conversion.
  3. Offer a Free Resource – These are strange times, and many businesses have questions your company is strategically poised to answer. Have an eBook, whitepaper, guide or article that could be useful? Or are you willing to provide a free consultation? Use the fly-in to promote those resources, for FREE, and you will find conversions appear like magic in your inbox.
  4. Promote Available Talent – Many A-level candidates are suddenly on the market, after COVID-19 layoffs or job restructuring. You can use your fly-in to advertise your pool of vetted, qualified candidates and skill market your top talent right from your home page.

Looking for resources to generate more inquiries and conversions in this economy?
Contact a staffing website expert to learn more about how fly-ins could function on your company's site

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