5 Customer Service Tips for Staffing Companies

The staffing industry is very competitive.  Retaining clients can be challenging when there is always a competitor out there willing to undercut you or beat your rate.  In order to get your clients to stick with you, you need to partner with them and be a resource that provides a valued service to their company. If you don’t treat clients with the courtesy they are due, they will only look at you as a commodity and they will take their business elsewhere at the drop of a hat.  Here are some simple things that you as a Staffing Agency owner can do that will set you miles apart from your competition.

1.     Be professional.  Being polite and pleasant is probably the easiest thing that you can do for your clients.  Impressions good or bad, stick with a person, so give your client something good to remember you by.   It takes just as much time to be impolite as it does to be professional and courteous.  

2.     Good communication is key.  Promptly returning phone calls and responding to emails are good practices when it comes to customer service.  Start using a “3 rings” policy around your office.  Make sure the phones are answered by the third ring and in a professional manner.  Your clients count on you if they need help so it is important to be as efficient and as helpful as possible. 

3.     Become a resource.  As a Temp Agency owner, you need to know what affects your clients so that you can help them reach their goals and make them look good.  Make sure that you send your clients candidates with the right background and the rights skill sets the first time.  Knowing your client and providing them with what they need is paramount.

4.     Keep your commitments.   Your clients rely on you so do what you say you’re going to do.  Cancelling appointments and missing deadlines can be a frustrating inconvenience to someone that is counting on you.  Be the partner that your clients know they can depend on.

5.     Go above and beyond.  When you go out of your way for your clients, it shows them that customer satisfaction is a priority for you.  Little things like hand written thank you cards or picking up the phone and checking in with them add a personal touch that can build customer loyalty and referrals. 

Customer service is an important aspect to owning any business. Make it the #1 priority at your office and you will keep your clients happy. Good client satisfaction can build long term partnerships, which means more business for your Staffing Company.

Are there any tips that you would add to this list? Leave comments below and please hit the share button!

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