Digital Transformation: Disruption With A Purpose

by Cynthia Hannafey, UHY LLP

When it comes to making operational improvements, tradition suggests to “throw technology at it and things will get better.” However, this approach doesn’t work without a balanced focus on an organization’s people and processes with buy-in at all levels. At UHY, Digital Transformation is the essential, intentional and deliberate disruption of people, processes and technologies to enable alignment with a staffing company’s strategic vision. The disruption aims to break the status quo and enables a sustainable culture of continuous improvement and growth. While technology is a part of the solution, it is not the whole solution.

Digital Transformation is about bringing together the power of technology with a culture that embraces the change. There is a lot to consider when undergoing a Digital Transformation initiative. How will you determine where a disruption will have the most significant impact? How do you execute in a manner that ensures alignment with your strategic vision? How do you select technologies that facilitate achieving your desired future state?

In the end, empower your leaders with the tools and knowledge to drive your Digital Transformation initiatives. Trust them to know when to disrupt the status quo. Advances and growth are not made by continuing to do things the way they have always been done. They are achieved through disruption and change. Change will not come easy and people will not like it at first. Spend the right amount of time conditioning your people and processes for change and your organization will remain relevant, competitive and successful for years to come.

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