House of Representatives to Vote on Redefining the ACA's 'Full-Time' From 30 to 40 Hours Per Week

This week, The U.S. House of Representatives is going to vote on the Save American Workers Act (H.R. 2575). If signed into law, the bill would change the definition of "full-time employee" under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The law currently states that in order for an employee to be full-time, they must work 30 hours per week. Designating a 40 hour service week for full-time employees would support employers' operational needs and maintain flexible work hours for employees.

Changing the ACA's number of service hours from 30 to 40 per week for full-time employees would also:

  • Enable employers to offer more hours to all employees which would increase their take home pay
  • Help employers offer more generous health coverage for full-time employees without making premiums prohibitive
  • Make more affordable coverage options available to lower-income employees

In order to redefine the ACA's definition of full-time to 40 hours per week, Congress must vote in favor of H.R. 2575 and President Barack Obama must sign the bill into law. All members of the House of Representatives need to hear from staffing and temporary agencies in their districts, expressing your support for H.R. 2575. You can find your local representative's email address and office number on the House of Representative's website. Contact them today and tell them to support H.R. 2575.

Sample grassroots phone and/or email script for your company:

I operate a staffing company in [INSERT CITY], employing [INSERT NUMBER] people. The Affordable Care Act's definition of full-time as 30 hours per week does not work for my business and many others like it. This definition does not reflect my company's needs, my clients' needs, and more importantly, my employees' needs. The priority is jobs and people. Please vote yes on H.R. 2575.



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