Keys to Exceptional Customer Service Are Compassion and Selflessness

by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

At this time of year, having a good customer service experience is crucial for everyone from retail stores to an organization’s client services department.  For businesses, the end of the year brings closing out one year and planning for the next year. The holiday season and the end of the business year combine to make it a crazy time of year for everyone. During the frantic holiday shopping season, customers are looking for short lines, plenty of merchandise and friendly customer experience. So many people talk about what great customer service means to them. However, each person’s definition of customer service can vary greatly depending on their needs at the time. For businesses that rely on client satisfaction, having the right team in place makes all the difference for great customer service.

Customer Service that Goes That Extra Mile

There are many stories of good and bad customer experiences. Most people remember and share their bad experiences. But what about the good experiences, the ones where a person goes that extra mile to deliver exceptional customer service? Here is an example of just that type of story that was shared in a TalentWise blog post a few years ago:

It was 4:50 pm on a Wednesday evening when a call came into the customer care center from a recruiter who was desperate to get a candidate through the screening process so she could start work the following Monday morning. All the candidate’s background checks had been completed and cleared for hire except for the drug test, which was delayed because of the lack of nearby collection centers. Our Client Service Representative, let’s call her Jane, confirmed with the client that the closest collection site was some 40 miles away, as the candidate lived in rural Montana. After securing permission, Jane called the candidate directly to sort out a solution, only to hear a very distressed voice tone. Jane asked why the candidate was distraught. The candidate explained that a recent car accident left her with no transportation to make the 40-mile drive to the collection site. Jane told the candidate she would check on options and call her back shortly. Jane reached out to a nearby small business who rented cars to ask them to confirm they had an available vehicle that the candidate could rent. Jane then called the employer and explained the candidate’s dilemma, asking if they would be willing to fund the car rental for one day. The client immediately agreed, so Jane called the business and made the reservation. When Jane called the candidate to explain what she had done, the candidate became very emotional, stating that she never had never been helped in that way by a perfect stranger and how she needed this job because she was the sole provider for her family. Jane proceeded to give the candidate all the necessary instructions, including emailing her directions to the collection center. She then placed a call to the collection center to assure they were open during their posted hours and talked to the manager to see if they could send the sample to the lab on the earliest possible delivery. Although the rest of Janine’s coworkers had gone home for the night, she made a last call to the rental car location to make sure everything was set. The next day, Jane tracked the status of the drug tests and assured that all are progressing normally. The end of the story? The candidate successfully completed the drug screening, accepted an offer and started in her new role the following Monday.

This story describes the heart of true customer service: what it is to be compassionate and selfless. This was not a story of delivering services according to a contract, but a story of going the extra mile or in this case, all 40 of them.

Passionate Customer Service Teams

At Sterling Talent Solutions, we take our customer service very seriously. Our customer service team goes through a rigorous training program. In the past year, Sterling’s client facing team launched a global, best-in-class training program for account managers and client service executives. Our team is also trained on our various technology platforms to help employers streamline, automate and optimize how they process background checks.

In each of our offices, we have teams of highly trained service and account professionals who are passionate about delivering the best service every day. To create a local and personal experience, we create tightly knit service teams to focus on our clients in specific industries and geographies. It’s their business to know both the nuances of our client’s background screening program as well as the common screening practices in their industry. Our service commitment includes senior account support for management and program owners, designated support for day-to-day inquiries, order support, ETAs and system troubleshooting and dedicated IT project/program management assigned by time zone.

We empower smarter people decisions fueled by innovation and dynamic technology. At Sterling Talent Solutions, we are committed to delivering the highest quality background checks combined with the fastest service in the industry. To do this, we invest in cutting-edge technologies and are constantly innovating new practices and processes at every opportunity. And when you unite our industry-leading technologies with the deep expertise of our extensive staff of global researchers and screeners, you get an unmatchable resource for background screening excellence.

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