Mobile Enemy Number One

With smart phones, tablets and other devices, we now have even more security threats to our personal information. Here are a few tips to keep your information safe:

Avoid mobile apps that require permission and insist on getting unnecessary personal information.

All for one, and Wi-Fi for all.
Free Wi-Fi almost always means it’s unsecured. Beware of public networks, especially when accessing sensitive information like banking and credit card details.

Email surfing.
With smart phones, it’s difficult to detect if an email is legit (given the small screen size). Be careful and avoid unfamiliar links or enter URLs manually.

I spy.
With spyware, people can track your whereabouts and usage patterns. Make sure you download an antivirus and malware detection suite. This way, no one can steal or track your data.

Equal playing field?
As the world evolves, smart phones continue to replace laptops and desktops. But, it is important to keep in mind that these devices don’t offer the same type of security. And, laptops that are connected to mobile networks can also be at risk of infecting those same smartphones and tablets.

More quick tips for keeping gadgets safe:

  • Use properly licensed software
  • Protect your device with strong passwords and inactivity locks
  • Do not configure the device to share its network connection

While mobile devices are meant to make things more efficient and generally easier, they can come with their own set of potential risks and headaches if care is not taken to secure them. Being vigilant about mobile security can help you avoid those risks.

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