Recruiting: When Should You Consider a Programmatic Job Board?

by Haley Marketing

Programmatic job advertising is a relatively new concept. Perhaps you’ve never even heard of it, much less used it as part of your recruitment strategy. And if you are familiar with it, perhaps you’re still scratching your head and wondering how, when, and for what specific purposes to best use it.

Let’s start with the basics.

Programmatic Job Advertising Defined
In short, programmatic job advertising means purchasing, publishing and optimizing job ads, using software rather than manual processes. Your ads then appear to prospects all over the internet. The whole web is at your disposal, rather than just the popular job boards that tend to be inundated with competing listings.

Using programmatic advertising:

  • You utilize a software that provides an automated system for buying space to advertise your job openings.
  • You then specify the details of your target demographic.
  • Then, you list how many prospects you want to reach.

Programmatic advertising harnesses the browsing data of your ideal candidates and uses sophisticated algorithms to show them the right ad, at the best time and place, based on the likelihood they will positively engage with your listing.

  • Programmatic advertising taps into A/B testing and artificial intelligence (AI). Also known as split testing, A/B testing is a process where you can compare two or more variants of your ad to see which performs the best. AI is technology that can complete tasks that would typically require a human to do. So, you can better use your HR team’s time by automating an array of routine duties.

The Best Uses of Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic advertising is not a panacea. It is best used as an additional source of candidates for a role, not your only source.

  • The differentiator when it comes to programmatic advertising is algorithms. They read your information and use it to determine which job boards will work best for you. It won’t bring in a treasure trove of candidates, but it will help optimize the ROI on your spend.
  • Programmatic advertising works better with higher-level jobs, versus high-volume, click-apply roles. As is the case with all your recruitment marketing tactics, you need to balance the time and money spent, and monitor your metrics for the best possible results.
  • You can use programmatic advertising to recruit talent with attention to diversity and inclusion. Corporate efforts in this regard have a major impact on job seekers’ perception of an organization as a possible place to work.

Consider adding programmatic advertising to your wheelhouse of recruitment marketing tactics. It can empower you to target your ideal candidate demographics, prevent you from overspending on clicks, and expand your candidate reach. Remember: the best talent doesn’t always hang out on major job boards. Programmatic advertising makes it easy to utilize niche sites that you may not otherwise have thought to advertise on.

At Haley Marketing, our team of experts can further explain the fine points of programmatic job advertising and discuss the best overall recruitment marketing strategy for your company and its unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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