Ring the Alarm on Identity Theft

Every year, nearly 10 million Americans fall victim to identify theft. If you are aware of the red flags, it will be easier to prevent this from happening. Take note of some of these warning signs, so if it does happen to you, you have a better likelihood of catching the thief red-handed:

Gone missing.
If you’ve lost your credit card, or any other cards, it’s important to report it immediately. The best offense is a defense!

Hotline bling.
If you’re receiving calls from debt collectors that could be a sign! Speak to the collector to ensure that this was actually based on your own accounts or purchases you made yourself.

If you are surprisingly denied for a credit card or load, get a credit report to figure out if a thief has affected your score.

“Not in my house.”
If your regular mail is no longer coming to your home, this could mean a crook has filed a change of address. When you’re not receiving bank statements or credit card statements, it’ll take you even longer to catch up with them.

Making a statement.
Check your bank and credit card statements for errors or anything that looks unfamiliar. If a purchase or any changes stand out, you should take action.

Bills, bills, bills.
If you receive a new bill for medical treatments you didn't receive, a thief may have used your ID and insurance. For any bills, if you’re sure it wasn’t your doing, a thief could be pretending to be you.

Don’t let identity thieves go on a shopping spree in your name. Take all of the necessary precautions so, if it ever happens, you can catch the thief sooner rather than later.

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