Is Your Identity Protected?

Fraudsters are continuously looking for new ways to steal data and access your personal accounts. They may even try to impersonate you by using social media and just plain guessing based on information that is available online.  

This is problematic for most organizations in today’s age of information, and is certainly not unique to any one company. Luckily, there are steps you can take to ensure your online safety is protected both personally and professionally:

  • Ensure your account profiles are up-to-date
  • Be cautious of attachments and downloading files
  • Don’t send personal or financial information via email (unless the file is encrypted) or text
  • Review your account statements
  • Understand the risks of using free Wi-Fi hotspots

Create strong passwords that have a random combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. Never share passwords and avoid the use of common words or phrases. Never “remember passwords” on your internet browsers.

User IDs
A User ID is a username that uniquely identifies you and your account. Pick a User ID that is personal to you, and avoid using your social security number.

Security Questions
Often times you may have a variety of security questions to choose from. Try to avoid the questions where answers can easily be obtained online such as what high school you attended, place of birth, what street you lived on or mother’s maiden name, etc. Instead, select questions that only you will know the answer to such as favorite author, who was your childhood hero, favorite animal, etc. If you don’t have the ability to select secure questions, remember that you can answer them with a key word or phrase that only you would know. As an example, if mother’s maiden name is a required question, you can answer “polka dot.” Just be sure to commit that to memory!

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