Billing Integration


I know what my costs are because of a report I get from TRICOM. It’s a lot of detail that is made available each month, and it helps me know my costs and then do something about it if it’s too high.
- Ray McDaniel, President, Metro Industrial


One Database Means a More Robust, Complete Picture of Your Business

When you have your data in multiple databases, you have an incomplete picture (at best) of what’s going on in your company. This can complicate matters when it comes to making important decisions from determining mark ups, to analyzing new customer risk, to knowing if your growth is on the right track. When all of your data is housed in one system, not only is there more data to analyze, it’s more accurate – and can help you make informed decisions.

Unlike many other providers that require dual entry for payroll and billing, TRICOM’s system is integrated on one platform. This means there’s only one point of entry, which reduces the opportunity for errors. It also allows us to provide more thorough reporting metrics as part of our Staffing Executive Business Suite, as well as offers huge flexibility when it comes to the amount of detail you can include on an invoice or report. In addition, TRICOM’s client-specific exception report allows your Payroll/Billing Specialist to perform a comparative analysis of your payroll and billing to ensure accuracy by identifying any errors or irregularities. Our system is also integrated with our workers’ compensation platform, allowing us to produce more robust workers’ comp reports (which can be a critically useful tool should you ever be audited).