Direct Deposit & Paycards


Has the weather ever delayed your payroll checks?

You can’t control the weather or any natural disaster, but you can control when your employees receive their pay with the use of direct deposit or paycards.

Why Encourage direct deposit or paycard use?

Convenience: Payroll delays due to bad weather or disasters in another part of the country are eliminated because funds are deposited directly and automatically
Security: Direct deposit and paycards limit your exposure to check fraud, plus you don’t have to deal with issues stemming from lost or stolen checks
Higher Employee Satisfaction: Employees avoid fees for check cashing, and those without a bank account can use their Visa-backed paycard by rapid! PayCard anywhere Visa is accepted
Best of all, it’s free for staffing companies to offer this service. Any fees for the cards are passed to your employees, although you may opt to pay part of this cost if you so choose. We’ve also developed an Employee Direct Deposit/Paycard Benefit flyer you can use to help your employees learn more about the benefits of direct deposit and paycards.
Download the employee flyer here.