Portfolio Management


I My portfolio management agent is just spectacular. She knows things about my client that I don’t know. Seriously, regarding payments and things of that nature, she’s just on top of it.
- Alex Fernandez, CEO, Staffing Specifix


Ensuring the Lifeblood of Your Business is Healthy and Sound

Portfolio Management focuses on two key areas: receivables management and line of credit.

Effective receivables management shortens the receivables timeframe while strengthening cash flow.

That’s why many TRICOM clients trust our Portfolio Management team to track and follow up on customer payments. Our Portfolio Analysts act as an extension of your business and build solid relationships based on strong customer service and professionalism. They use trend analysis, watch for warning signs or what we call “risk elements,” and follow up with customers where appropriate.

TRICOM also monitors credit usage limits on a daily basis and proactively initiates growth line increases, within days, to keep pace with the financial needs of your business.

The result? Staffing executives realize profits sooner and are freed to focus on managing sales growth.