They share any information that’s available concerning our business or things that might affect our business. And I think they also are very effective in helping you understand why you need to look at things differently if you’re not looking at them the right way.
- Tanya Henry, Executive Director, Milwaukee Careers Cooperative


We are constantly on the alert for all the latest industry news, legislative updates, trends and more that could possibly impact your staffing business. Our president and CEO, Julie Ann Bittner, also shares her insights on the staffing industry in her message (link below). And when we don’t see information about a topic we feel is critical for you to know, we create it ourselves to share in our monthly email.

Press Room

March kicks off the 2023 staffing industry conference season, and we’re excited to get back out on the road to attend both national, regional, and state conferences throughout the U.S.

Not only are conferences a great way to connect with colleagues and gain valuable insights into our industry, these events are also integral to enabling staffing owners and professionals to more effectively advocate for our industry.

It's often at these conferences (and the upcoming ASA Staffing Law Conference is a great example) that potential new legislation and how it could impact the staffing industry is often discussed. Staffing company owners are then armed with the information they need to make their support or dissent known to their respective government representatives. Your voice can be a powerful tool in shaping the legislation that can directly impact the future of our industry.

As 2022 ends, we are preparing for the new year with an eye on the ever-changing industry landscape. One thing that can help your staffing company be prepared for 2023 is to be up-to-date on important changes to wage and tax laws.

We’ve assembled a list of the top wage and tax changes for 2023. From minimum wage increases, to Federal tax changes, to Earned Income tax credit notice requirements and more, we’ve collected the information you need to face 2023 with confidence.

Earned Income Tax Credit Notice Information:
For 2022, you are encouraged to notify the following employees that they may be able to claim EIC on their 2022 tax returns:

The TRICOM Client Conference was a success thanks to our wonderful clients and sponsors who came, participated, shared their insights, and were just generally awesome.

Our team was excited to have the opportunity to spend time with them while sharing our hometown, connecting with our partners, and learning together.

We extend our thanks to everyone who attended, our sponsors, our speakers, and our employees – each of you played a critical role in making the TRICOM 2022 Client Conference a resounding success!

There was one aspect of the conference of which we are particularly proud. During the conference, CEO Julie Ann Bittner decided to have attendees and sponsors participate in a water filter build she had learned about earlier in the year while attending a conference herself.

“Social responsibility is very important to me along with educating others about social responsibility and the impact we can make in our community and our world,” explains Julie Ann.


Health Updates

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created new reporting requirements under Internal Revenue Code sections 6055 and 6056. Under these new reporting rules, certain employers must provide information to the IRS about the health plan coverage they do or do not offer to their employees.  

The United States Department of Labor just released new FAQs on the upcoming deadline for sending notice of coverage options.  A notice to employees about the Health Insurance Marketplace must be sent by October 1st of this year.  For more on formation on this, including whether fees apply and templates for writing your notice, please visit their website here: