They share any information that’s available concerning our business or things that might affect our business. And I think they also are very effective in helping you understand why you need to look at things differently if you’re not looking at them the right way.
- Tanya Henry, Executive Director, Milwaukee Careers Cooperative


We are constantly on the alert for all the latest industry news, legislative updates, trends and more that could possibly impact your staffing business. Our president and CEO, Julie Ann Blazei, also shares her insights on the staffing industry in her message (link below). And when we don’t see information about a topic we feel is critical for you to know, we create it ourselves to share in our monthly email.

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Take the stress out of preparing for Year End by using Tricom’s Year End Bulletin to stay on top of legislative changes that are important to the staffing industry.

We’ve collected all the relevant, timely and necessary information you need to ensure your staffing company is staying up-to-date with changes that directly impact your business. 

In the last year, the Department of Labor (DOL) has stepped up enforcement efforts on employers who misclassify workers as independent contractors. In fact, the DOL has implemented The Misclassification Initiative and has been working in conjunction with the IRS to share information in what they describe as an effort “to reduce the incidence of misclassification of employees, to help reduce the tax gap, and to improve compliance with federal labor laws.”

For small business owners, it can be a challenge to know how to structure your business to get the most benefit out of tax laws, limit your personal liability, yet have the flexibility you need to be able to expand your business through other investors.

Small business owners typically turn to one of two options: S-Corporations or LLCs.


Legislative Updates

From the East Valley Tribune:

"Come January, Arizona's minimum wage workers will be able to afford an extra Big Mac a week.
But not if they want fries and a drink with it.
The state Industrial Commission voted Wednesday for a 10-cent-an-hour hike in the state minimum wage. That will bring the figure to $7.90 an hour..."

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From The National Law Revew:
"The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (³DEO²) has announced that the minimum wage in Florida will increase by 14 cents from $7.79 to $7.93 per hour on January 1, 2014. The minimum wage for employees who earn tips will increase by 14 cents from $4.77 to $4.91 per hour."
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"Ohio's minimum wage is once again on the rise.

Starting next year, the new hourly minimums will be $7.95 for those who do not get tips, up 10 cents, and $3.98 for those who do, up by a nickel.

The increases apply to employees of businesses with annual gross receipts of more than $292,000 per year, up $4,000 from this year..."

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