They share any information that’s available concerning our business or things that might affect our business. And I think they also are very effective in helping you understand why you need to look at things differently if you’re not looking at them the right way.
- Tanya Henry, Executive Director, Milwaukee Careers Cooperative


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Not all funding providers are the same. As in any industry, there are good companies and there are not-so good companies. It’s imperative for a staffing business that’s in a funding relationship—or considering entering one—to discern the difference.  

It’s easy to just look at price when choosing a funding provider. Funding providers all offer the same “products”: funding for accounts receivables/payroll funding. Some also offer back office support or front-end software. But price alone will not give you a full picture of the relationship.  
The difference between funding providers becomes more apparent when you break down how those “products” are delivered (meaning the level of service you receive). Service is an aspect of the relationship that can be difficult to measure, but can have a large impact on your staffing business.  
Service can encompass many things—from returning phone calls quickly, to the level of industry knowledge, to understanding where your money goes. I’ve broken this service concept down into five core values:

1. Commitment

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It’s been said that when times get tough, you find out who your true friends are. They’re the ones that stick by you and do what they can to see you through. You quickly learn whom you can rely on, and who’s just in it for convenience or selfish reasons of their own. 

 The same can be said in business.  
 While business isn’t about making friends, it is about forming lasting partnerships. And if this recession has taught us anything, it’s brought to the forefront the value of relationships.  
The staffing industry has faced its own unique challenges during these tough times. The tightening credit market has hit some companies especially hard. But it’s also had an unexpected (and I think also a positive) outcome.  
As I speak with staffing company owners across the country, they’re consistently telling me the same thing: as they discover who their true partners are, they’re beginning to place a higher value on service and relationships.  

Don’t be held back by your funding provider.

We’re very fortunate to work with some wonderful staffing companies, and from time to time, they share with us how they feel about working with Tricom. I’d like to share with you one comment that we’re especially proud of:
“What has impressed me the most about Tricom is the flexibility of their people. We had some circumstance, and I’m sure everyone that signs on to a funding company has something unique that has to be handled. Rather than the red tape that I faced with my former funding entity, a bank, the folks at Tricom simply sat down and worked out a way to solve the problem. And so it’s been the flexibility of the people and their ability to look at a problem and a situation and find a resolution to it that’s really been very impressive to me and my entire team.” —Robb Mulberger, TITLE, NRI Staffing