They share any information that’s available concerning our business or things that might affect our business. And I think they also are very effective in helping you understand why you need to look at things differently if you’re not looking at them the right way.
- Tanya Henry, Executive Director, Milwaukee Careers Cooperative


We are constantly on the alert for all the latest industry news, legislative updates, trends and more that could possibly impact your staffing business. Our president and CEO, Julie Ann Bittner, also shares her insights on the staffing industry in her message (link below). And when we don’t see information about a topic we feel is critical for you to know, we create it ourselves to share in our monthly email.

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Tricom Funding, Inc. Announces New Front-End Talent Acquisition and Management Software Partnership

Menomonee Falls, WI, January 2, 2009 — Tricom Funding is pleased to announce a new front-end talent acquisition and management software partnership with TalentSecure. This new partnership allows Tricom Funding clients to benefit from TalentSecure’s industry leading software at a savings of 35 to 75 percent off their standard rates.
“Our partnership with TalentSecure is the final piece of a complete solution for our staffing clients. Through this partnership we are able to offer our clients substantial savings, as well as a solution that will seamlessly integrate with Tricom’s current back office software. Plus, TalentSecure shares our passion for service, offering 24 hour assistance, seven days a week,” explains Julie Ann Blazei, President and CEO of Tricom Funding and frequent contributor to Staff Digest Magazine.

In this issue:

5 practices to help your staffing company survive a downturn and Tricom® pairs with TalentSecure to offer exclusive savings for clients on front-end software.


5 Practices to Help Your Staffing Company Survive a Downturn

The phone rang again today. “Julie Ann, am I the only one down 30–35% over last year? What are people doing to make it through?” It’s a call I’ve gotten several times a week for the last few months. People are worried. They’re not sure what to expect. But they’re not alone. Staffing Industry Analysts has reported that the staffing industry is down 25- 30% in the first quarter of 2009 over this time last year. Most economic indicators are pointing to the end of 2009 or fi rst quarter 2010 before the economy will turn around. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and watch your company suffer through until the turnaround. There are several key practices you can employ to keep your staffing company moving forward:

1. Pricing.


In this issue:

Gaining control of variable costs, improving efficiencies, how to shorten your receivables time frame and how Tricom can help you manage your costs.



It's All About (Cost) Control

One of the biggest challenges facing staffing agencies today - or any company for that matter - is cost management.  The cost of doing business gets more expensive each day.  While there are some fixed costs that are more difficult to manage (rent or property payments, salaries, etc.), there are other variable costs that staffing agency owners and managers can actively control.
Variable costs are those that increase or decrease in response to the level of business activity, and while some are harder to control than others, there are ways you can work to reduce them. Closely managing variable costs can help your firm become more efficient, which in turn can allow you to more easily invest in things such as future growth or better compensation for team members that contribute to your company’s success. The first step in this process is identifying these costs and exploring ways to reduce them.

Internal Controls