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Below are some helpful tax tools for employers containing information about a particular state. In order to access the information, please find the state your are interested in.


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EIC Notifications

For 2022, you are encouraged to notify the following employees that they may be able to claim EIC on their 2022 tax returns:


2022 EIC
Dependents EIC Adjusted Gross Income Filing
0  $        1,502  $                               21,430 Single
 $                               27,380 Jointly
1  $        3,618  $                               42,158 Single 
 $                               48,108 Jointly
2  $        3,618  $                               47,915 Single
 $                               53,865 Jointly
3+  $        6,728  $                               51,464 Single
 $                               57,414 Jointly

There are seven states that require employers to provide some additional notification to their employees about their possible eligibility for Earned Income Tax Credit. The following states allow employers to use Federal Notice 797:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Texas

The following states require the use of a state-specified form:

  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • Maryland

Please contact your TRICOM Accounting representatives if you have any questions.

Download the following notices:

IRS Notification 797

New Jersey EIC Notice One

New Jersey EIC Notice Two

Maryland EIC Notice

Virginia EIC Notice One

Virginia EIC Notice Two